Saturday, April 9, 2011

spring has officially sprung!

i don't know about you, but i consider spring to have officially started once opening day rolls around. for those of you who aren't baseball fans (sacrilege!), opening day is the first game of the season. and while baseball's official opening day has come and gone, yesterday was opening day at fenway. my past posts have let you guys into the fact that i live in boston, and here, baseball, fenway and the red sox are serious business.

i had requested opening day off of work weeks ago because i knew that come the 8th, i would be at fenway. and while i didn't have actual tickets to the game, i dragged my poor roommate (who happens to be a dodgers fan) up and out of bed at 10am to head to fenway. an hour and half later, we were there (still without tickets), surrounded by tons of other fans, ready to watch an amazing game.
bleacher bar- inside fenway. check it out if you're ever in boston and don't have tickets to the game!

Our "seats" during the game
My roommate Nikki and I being sneaky sneaky during the game. We weren't supposed to take pictures. Woops ;)

yes. that is the field. and yes, that is exactly where we were sitting. FOR FREE!

hopefully you all are enjoying some gorgeous spring weather where ever you are. where i live we try and enjoy the nice weather while we have it. sun today could always mean a snow storm tomorrow!