Thursday, January 19, 2012

walk it out

so like the rest of the modern world, a new year means a New Year's revolution. however, unlike most people who make big and extravagant resolutions like quitting smoking or working out every single day- I decided to be a little more realistic. making smarter, and better choices in my every day life and basically just being healthier. my new apartment, literally blocks from the beach (which still makes me squeal with delight- btws) has jump started a desire to walk the beach whenever I can. I started this morning, a lovely day off, with a couple mile walk on the beach before dropping my car off at the mechanic.

now, I don't know about you, but I can't be expected to get physical without some Jazzercise worthy duds. Hello- duh!

lime green sports bra and neon pink love pink shirt. perfect! just excuse the mess that is my face and hair :)

and while working out, getting in shape and general exercise are of course super important, a great landscape is certainly the icing on the cake. can you get much prettier?!

walking the beach, the city in the distance, movin' a shaking to some nicki, jay-z and wiz- can we get much better? nope.


ps. guess who's finally getting a haircut tonight?! 6:30 cannot come soon enough!