Sunday, October 9, 2011

little man turns 4

been slacking majorly on the blogging front, but not having internet access for my beloved ipad has been pretty much a kill joy. updating from my big-girl phone just doesn't do it for me. but alas, last weekend was jordan's (the coolest 4 year old on the block, who just so happens to be my nephew) birthday party. snapped some pics of kids being kids, and all the birthday goodies that make kid's parties fun. games, pizza, presents, prizes- what more could a kid ask for?
perfect mix of concentration and natural talent.
victory dance.
opening presents- whatta goon.
digging in.
four generations.

happy birthday little man. best text message i've ever gotten, a picture of him right after he was born sent during class saying "hi auntie! i'm here". love you more than anything


ps. found the cutest store the other day. expect a blog post within the next few days with pictures of the store and my new fav accessory :)