Tuesday, November 13, 2012

picture perfect

sometimes, if you're lucky, you're able to find someone who enjoys doing the same things you do, someone who wholeheartedly believes in you and your abilities, and someone who loves you unconditionally. but its the truly lucky ones who finds all those characteristics in one person. as a girl who was raised on romantic comedies, has planned her imaginary wedding more times than I care to admit, and has found herself single for the majority of her life- seeing the fairy tale come true for a real life person is necessary every once and a while. this weekend, at what I'd like to call "the best wedding- ever.", was one of those times. an amazing friend, who just so happens to be my former boss, invited a few her favorite work pals to be a part of this amazing day. her style, eye for creativity and the tiny details that matter, would have only allowed everything to be perrrrrfect. and of course, everything was.

location? amazing. the old captain's mansion in Watertown was the picture perfect backdrop for their vintage wedding. circus performers provided unique and wow-worthy entertainment all night. how cool!

delicious cake with vintage inspired pocket watches and brooches was the perfect touch!

hello gorgeous! every bride wants to be their most beautiful on their wedding day, and this bride did not disappoint. amazing.


while typical weddings have passed hor dourves and a big sit down meal, this couple decided to do something different that spoke truly to them. passed desserts allowed guests to sample a mix of chocolate and sweet treats throughout the night. so many to choose from, it was nearly impossible to choose a favorite, but with options like chocolate churros, cider donuts, apple crisp and chocolate mousse- who needs to!

there were also whoopie pie pops, pie pops, apple pie and of course wedding cake. dessert overload, but soo amazing!

the little details are truly what made this wedding amazing. from the vintage tablescapes throughout the mansion, to the cocktail napkins with fun facts about the couple and then striped paper straws at the two different bars- they added fun and quirky additions to the wedding. perfect for this amazing couple.

group shot of the best team papyrus has ever seen! :)

jillian- your wedding was just amazing as you are, and I wouldn't have expected anything less. thank you so much for having us there to celebrate with you and nick. everything from your dress, to his suit, to the food, to the decor was perfect; but it was the ceremony that truly blew any wedding I've ever been to out of the water. The Beatles, your vows, the sarcastic humor- everything was so you. Weddings of the future? You have some big shoes to fill. Huge.



  1. This post seriously made me tear up!

    Also, speaking of love... 2 years ago today Wills and Kate announced their engagement <3

  2. :) glad I didn't disappoint. And ohh those two. We NEED a baby... It's been long enough

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