Sunday, August 28, 2011

no more teachers, no more books

well strike that, there will be books, but sadly this is the first fall since I started pre-k that I won't be back to school shopping, organizing my notebooks and making sure I know just which classrooms are mine. And to throw another wrench in the chaos that is my life, the end of the summer marks the time when my roommate/best friend/partner-in-crime/wingman leaves the East Coast to return to California and her family. Much like graduation, when I tried to pretend it wasn't happening until I hyperventilated the morning of graduation and couldn't leave my apartment without force (yes, that really happened), I've been allowing myself to be ignorant to the fact that her departure date is getting closer and closer. As the weeks turned into days, and now unfortunately into single digits, we've been making the most of her final days by cramming in as many fun activities, adventures, and wild and crazy memories to end our four years together with a bang. Expect a blog post as soon as the craziness dies down with the full extend of our adventurous week, it has been documented thanks to my brand new Big Girl phone :)



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