Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Shmalentines

tomorrow is the day that single girls everywhere dread for 364 days every year.
yes, valentine's day. a holiday that i believe benefits only the greeting card companies, has a way of making single people feel like crap, and people who are dating someone stress over presents,dates and expectations.

aye carumba!
i've always felt that if you're dating someone, you should show them how much you care about them/love them on a daily basis- not just on this one specific day of the year. but hey, whatevs.

if like me, you're without a significant other this time of year, then you should use this day to love yourself and everyone special in your life. i'm going out for a night on the town with a fabulous co-worker of mine. we're going to get all gussied up, drink pretty drinks and dance the night away.

or, if going out isn't really your style, then treat yourself to something nice. manicures always work for me, or maybe partake in a little retail therapy. find something pink, red, sparkly, sequined, feathered or just makes you feel good and be your own valentine! when i was in high school i used to buy the children's valentines (always princesses or hello kitty) and give them out to my friends and favorite teachers. it's always nice to feel appreciated, and it was my little way of letting people know they're special to me.

so tomorrow i'll be working (in a greeting cards store of course!), selling last minute cards, gifts and candy to people for their loves and trying not to gag them with a pair of sex dice.

buy yourself some chocolate, wear red lipstick and paint your fingernails bubblegum pink.
you can be my valentine xx marissa

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