Tuesday, February 22, 2011

completely unnecessary...

after returning home from a relaxing weekend, i realized that my purse was basically busting at the seams.
this seemed like the perfect time to go through, weed out the unnecessary things and just generally give my back and bag straps a break.
it was only after i had emptied out the entire contents of my bag that i realized JUST how much crap i had been carrying around.

now let me explain the massive amount of stuff before you- i have a queen sized bed and all of my stuff basically covered my entire bed. 
now while there are some ridiculous things in there: not one, not two but THREE pairs of sunglasses, two water bottles, THREE wristlets and my stocked makeup bag, there are also many important things that every girl should keep in her bag.

a wallet: mine is the small, mint green wristlet. i love this wallet because i can see the bright color in the dark depths of my bag. it's perfect to just grab and go for a night out when i don't want to use a purse and the patent leather and cheetah inside just make me happy.
a planner: this year i decided to splurge and get a good quality planner that i wouldn't mind pulling out in the middle of a serious interview, would help keep me on track with my classes and of course, look pretty. i used the different colored pens to help coordinate my schedule and they help to stop everything from blending together on a page. the notepad that i keep tucked inside is great for notes, to jot lists down and can be used in a pinch if i don't have my notebook for class.
sunglasses: while three pairs are certainly not a must have, a good pair of sunglasses is. my favorite are the tortoise shell/purple wayfarers. while sunglasses of course help to block the sun and keep you from getting premature wrinkles, they also help in a variety of non-sun situations. when you're riding the train and want to people watch and not be seen doing this, whip out those sunglasses and no one will be the wiser. or, if you've had a bit of a rough night, you're not looking too cute and don't want anyone to be the wiser; throw on a big pair of sunglasses and you'll look instantly chic!
lipbalm/chapstick: my personal favorite is Rosebud Salve, perfect for dry lips and can also be used in a pinch for rough skin, dry cuticles and fly-aways. there are a few other lip products throughout the mess, but Rosebud is definitely my favorite.
cellphone: this is a pretty obvious addition to any purse, but besides making phone calls, sending texts, creeping on facebook, updating twitter, phones are also perfect for when you see someone approaching that you don't want to talk to or when you don't want to look like such a lame-o eating lunch alone. ohh the wonders of technology.
keys: before i moved into my current apartment, i NEVER carried keys. i live in a small town that i lovingly refer to as pleasantville, where it never seemed necessary to lock doors. but now, having my keys is basically a life or death situation. it is way too cold in Boston to be stuck outside without keys waiting for my roommate to come home and let me in. mine may look like the keys of a 10 year old, but whatevs. that bright green croc helps me find my keys in the bottom of my dark bag and the monkey key cover helps me know which key lets me into my front door, which is the most important one to open. and the princess key is my home key, since i am a princess and it is my castle ;)

some other important, but maybe not MUST HAVES for everyone: water (i NEED to have a bottle of water in my purse of else i'll die of thirst), lotion (my fav is from Crabtree and Evelyn, La Source in the blue tube), gum/mints, gloves (i love my grey and purple cashmere ones. they make me feel so fancy!), hair elastic (the black ones without the little metal thing are the best, and completely ouchless) and a good pen (can make taking notes hell or easy peasy).

any questions about where i got a certain something you see from my purse, just let me know! :)

xx Marissa

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