Saturday, July 30, 2011

fried ends? fake it til you make it.

ever take a bit longer than you should between your trips to the salon I'm just rounding out the 10th month since my last haircut, and while I know what I need is a good cut, one too many nightmares in the past makes me nervous about taking the plunge. Add sun damage from the summer's rays, salt water and chlorine from swimming and you have a recipe for fried ends. No self respecting girl likes to go out with raggedy hair, you put in the effort to look nice, you don't need your hair to ruin your ensemble! My favorite trick? Curl just your ends loosely with a big barrel curling iron. It smooths and seals your ends, and gives your hair a finished look. Even after they start to fall out, which they will between the humidity, weight of your hair and the loose curl that you gave them, you'll still look polished and put together. Exactly the look you were going for :)


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