Tuesday, July 19, 2011

perrrfect manicure

I'm definitely a girl who prides myself on having nice nails. To me, it's just a part of life as a lady. While the average woman may paint her nails once a week, or even longer, it's hard for me to wait more than a couple days. My constant need for manicures has led me to the perfect step-by-step process that can take as little as 10 minutes and be done right before bed.

Start with clean nails.

Use cuticle clippers to trim any hangnails, or cuticle around the edges.
Push back cuticles around the base of your nail- I use my pointer nail instead of an orange stick or nail tool. One less thing to have in my nail drawer!

Clip your nails to the perfect length for you. The best for me is just a bit below my finger tip. Make sure you only file in one direction, going back and forth in a sawing motion makes your nails weak and split super easy.

My go to shape is the "squ-oval", an almost square shaped nail with rounded corners. This shape is the best for preventing chipped corners since you don't have any corners to snag on.

To get the smoothest surface possible before you apply your polish, use a 4-sided file to even out and buff the surface. This makes your polish stay on and really have something to bond to.

Right before polish, use a fresh cotton ball to fully clean the surface of your nail. Paint your nails using three smooth motions; one in the middle, then one on either side. It's best if the first coat is thinner, while the second can be a bit thicker to make sure your polish is totally opaque.

The top coat that I swear by is Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat. It gives nails an almost-plastic, perfect look that I love. But the reason that this is my holy grail nail product is that it honestly stays true to it's name. I can paint my nails and they're completely dry within 10 minutes. Love, love it.

And of course my perrrfect manicure wouldn't be complete without a glitter nail <3

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