Tuesday, June 28, 2011

dressed to the nines

so I'm what many people would consider a complete girly girl. I hate leaving the house without something on my face, will not be caught dead outside in bumish clothes and have panic attacks whenever my manicure isn't perfect. now being a girly girl should not be confused with being high maintenance, even though most people would consider the two interchangeable. as a card carrying girly girl I'll take a few moments to explain the difference.

high maintenance girls take forever to get ready because they need to look perfect, in an effort to impress anyone and everyone. girly girls take just enough time to make sure they look nice before leaving the house. your outward appearance is an expression of how you see yourself. If you look like crap, then you see yourself as .... well you get the message.

high maintenance girls expect people to do everything for then, especially their significant others and male friends/family. girly girls are fine with doing things themselves, as long as it won't get them dirty or be too hard, then the help of someone is always appreciated, but not expected :) and a sweet girly girl will always say thank you!

high maintenance girls must have the biggest and best of everything,since according to them, they deserve it. designer labels and name brands will only do. girly girls don't require the best of everything, as long a it's pretty, they're good.

see the difference? ;)

one way I help to keep my girly girl points up is my consistent rotation of dresses within my wardrobe. now I've always been a dress girl, how could you not be! one step, one piece and your dressed and good to go! airy and breezy, they help to keep you cool while looking cute.

my dress of the day- cutie patterned dress from target. I've gotten so many great dresses there that I always get tons of compliments on whenever I wear them! I love the bottom part of the dress. you can just see the top section scattered with tiny rosebuds, but there are also skinny candy pink stripes and little posies on the bottom. too cute for words <3


ps. the comparison between high maintenance girls and girly girls was just for fun. remember, there's no crying in blogging; or wait was that baseball... hmph I guess we'll never know.
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