Sunday, June 5, 2011

it's a garden party

it's felt like weeks since my mom and i started planning my garden graduation party. the idea started months ago, then came the planning, designing and ordering the invitations, multiple trips to the post office, arguments over menu choices and creating all the hand-made decorations- quitee the production. but all of the hard work payed off saturday when my yard looked beautiful, i was surrounded by friends and family and finally was able to celebrate the end of my college career. i wanted the event to have a light and airy feel, with pops of pastel colors, a very feminine and preppy feel, but somewhere my guests could still have fun. i think it came together perfectly!
mix of accomplishments (honor societies, awards, cum laude cord) and memories.

you know those big boards that people have at graduations- the ones where people all write "congrats! keep in touch! you're amazing!"? i find those awkward after the fact. like- what am i supposed to do with a big board that says class of 2011 or something like that? i had the idea to use pretty pieces of card stock that we sell at work and have people write messages, memories and advice for the future on. then, i can keep them and look back on them in the future :)

what's a garden party without flowers?!

 the paper lanterns that took me forever filled the naked tree and added pops of color to the yard. i became a pro at making these when we made a bunch at work to decorate the store. here's the tutorial on how to make them yourself- super easy. of course it's from martha <3

more paper flowers, lanterns and pastel colored chairs make a cute little seating area!

my pretty cake!
gerber daisies were a key element in the decor- from the center pieces, to the color scheme, they were everywhere. and i love that my mom surprised me with them even on my cake. chocolate cake, chocolate filling and whipped vanilla frosting- yum!

aw friends :)

soo lucky with the weather on saturday. sunny, clear skies, not too hot. perfect for a garden party. can't believe after all that planning and stressing it's finally over. buttt that means i'm one step closer to my graduation present. more on that later ;)


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