Thursday, June 16, 2011

mama said knock you out

ohhh the life of a teenage girl! today, with the unfortunate help of one of my best friends, I was reminded just how lucky I am to no longer be forced to brave the halls of junior high, deal with terrible teenage hormones and just general bitchiness. And while the days of bffs, AIM and frenemies are behind me, they helped to remind me of one of my favorite parts of junior high; glitter! or more specifically pink glitter.

Love this manicure that I gave myself, essie's "knockout pout" with wet and wild "kaleidoscope" on just my two ring fingers. I love having an accent nail, it makes a simple manicure just a little more interesting and a lot prettier :)

neons are a fun way to brighten up your typical nail polish routine and are great for the summer; they look amazing with a tan! this glitter polish is a great choice cause of the holograpic glitter, perfect to pick up a rainbow of other colors and work with whatever you have on. if you missed out on OPIs "Mad as a Hatter" from the limited edition Alice in Wonderland collection, sadly like I did, this is a great replacement- and at 99 cents, it won't break the bank. switch from your norm and put down the boring and serious nail colors, give something fun a try. tomorrow IS friday!


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