Monday, June 13, 2011

Just like Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

So just like an self respecting 90's girl, when the first Zenon movie came out, I was more than a little obsessed. I mean how could you not be- between her galactic fashion ensembles, out of this world adventures and futuristic gadgets she was the perfect tween heroine!

Z and Nebula- two best friends who knew how to put off neons and metallics like none other!

But it was her high tech gadget dubbed the "Z-pad" that I patiently waited for all these years. Before everyone with opposable thumbs had cell phones, the idea of being in constant communication with everyone was crazy, and Zenon went one step forward with her ability to video call all her bffs. How perfect.

Fast forward some 10 odd years to 2009 when the man, the myth, the legend Steve Jobs unveils one of the coolest inventions of our time- the iPad. I'm sorry, we couldn't get any cooler with the name though? Come on Steve, zPad... iPad... you're not fooling anyone. But regardless, that beautiful piece of technology is now mine. Thanks friends and family for coming to my graduation party and adding to the "Get Marissa an iPad fun". Job well done! :)

So, as most people with Apple products, I look it upon myself to take some shameless Photo booth pictures today since I liked my outfit. Don't judge ;)

I was just wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans and a pink t-shirt, but I decided to give the blazer trend a try. I love when celebrities take a simple outfit (like jeans and a tee) and look polished and put together instantly. But hello! Works like a charm. I went from blah to polished and classy instantly- which if you know me at all, is my life m-o. So my word of advice if you're looking to class up your wardrobe, or looking for a new piece of invest in for your wardrobe; give a blazer a try! This is a cheapie from WetSeal that I borrowed from my roommate. Works like a charm!


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