Sunday, June 24, 2012


my nails, and their constant rotation of colors and designs is something that I'm sort of known for. I have a nail polish collection that most people would consider ridiculous and the patience to create patterns and designs without a problem. lately the manicure that I've been LOVING is leopard print. I've managed to make some interesting color combinations (purples, teals and bright pinks), but this weekend I opted for something a little more natural.

easy-peasy to get this look! start with a neutral base color (I used Essie "Playa del Platinum" a nice taupe, mushroom gray) and apply two coats for a nice opaque finish. Then take a beigy nude (I tried Spoiled "Show Me Some Skin") and make oval shaped dots on your nails. I liked the look of 3-4 larger sized dots spread over the nail. Don't make them too big though, you'll need room to outline then with the black. Then take a regular black polish (I used the black Art Deco nail art polish that I always use for designs. It has a super skinny brush that makes designs and lines SUPER simple) and make wavy C-shaped lines surrounding the beige spots, but not fully connecting around them. Then finish off your manicure with a super skinny topcoat (My all time favorite? Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat of course!)

now normally a manicure is lucky if it makes it past the 3 day mark for me before I'm bored and need something new, but this one lasted almost 5 days! I can't even tell you the amount of people that would stop me, or grab my hands to compliment my nails and almost EVERY SINGLE ONE asked me if they were the Sally Hansen nail polish strips, or something similar.

another manicure I'm loving- all black nails with a super sparkly French tip. the dark version of my grown-up glitter post!

my nails are most definitely my favorite accessory for adding some pizazz to my outfits. Sometimes with the job you have, type of work you do, or place of employment you have, accessorizing and setting yourself apart from everyone else can be a bit tough. I LOVE using my nails as a fun little pick me up :)

what are some of your favorite pick me ups during the day?



  1. Thank you! :) Love that you still read my blog <3

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    Please tell me that you are on Pinterest!