Friday, September 23, 2011

grown-up glitter

while some people consider glitter better left in the hands of little girls under 10,  i of course think otherwise. the same way tulle, bows and the color pink, can be grown up and have a prominent place in a grown-up girls life, i believe glitter can too. the key is simply moderation. proof of these beliefs can be seen on any given day with my signature glitter nail or in this next nail look. my inspiration came from a picture i saw the lovely Lauren Conrad post a few days ago with a cute aqua colored glitter manicure. except in her case, it was loose dry glitter, which i always find too messy to even bother with. since i can't find the link anywhere, your imagination will just have to do. but without further adieu, grown-up glitter.
 twist on the classic french manicure by using glitter polish instead of traditional white.
i opted to go for a super skinny line of glitter to make it as cute and classy as possible. feel free to go thicker if you like, for this look i think the thinner the better.

to get super skinny and smooth lines like the ones i have here, use a nail polish with a thin brush (not like the normal nail polish wand in most bottles. i use this one!


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