Saturday, September 24, 2011

fall faves

so, my all time favorite season would have to be fall. I love the layers, the comfy fabrics and the completely different style just a few months can change. Don't get me wrong, summer is amazing; sundresses and sandals are my go-to staples (and totally inappropriate for any other season in New England), but to me there's nothing cuter than cable knit sweaters, pea coats and a great leather riding boot. To get myself ready for fall, I pulled a few of my favorite pieces from last year that have the perfect preppy crispness that just screams fall to me.

Cable knit: maybe it was my years of working at Ralph Lauren, but to me nothing says back to school like a cable knit sweater. I've always preferred the v-neck variety, but a crew neck is great for layering a button down or polo underneath. Just as comfy as a hoodie, but you look a million times more put together.

Stripes: besides floral print, stripes are hands down my favorite pattern. I love the crispness of them, how tailored they look and are just the perfect amount of nautical. This rugby has been in my wardrobe for years now, and still looks just as good as when I bought it. I love it so much, I even bought it in pink. But the best part of keeping them in rotation? The older they are, the softer and comfier they get. If you think a horizontal stripe will make you look wider, go with a thicker stripe like this one. Too many little stripes is what adds onto your body. Or a chevron stripe is great and is everywhere this season.

Lace: perfect fabric in my opinion. Kind of multiple personality, if you want to personify fabric. Can be sweet, girly and ultra feminine or when mixed with the right accessories sexy and badass. I love when I see girls rocking lace with black pieces and leather, like combat boots or a leather jacket. I prefer to keep my lace sweet, by wearing it with silk, cotton or sequins. This shirt is great to wear with boyfriend jeans and looks super cute with a variety of different colored tank tops underneath.

Pearls: cute and casual all rolled into one. This sweatshirt material pullover balances out the boyish factor with the delicate sprinkling of pearls around the top. While I have a strict no hoodies/sweatshirt policy outside of my apartment, this little beauty is able to sneak in under the radar. Perfect for when the days start getting chilly.

I also snuck in a few rando's in the picture, like my thick sweater tights; perfect for making some of my favorite sundresses fall appropriate. Throw on with a cardigan and boots, you're good to go! I love leather bags for the fall, especially this one with it's saturated color, gold hardware and roomy inside. Perfect with the gorgeous foliage, and a great bag to use if you're in school. Chunky jewelry, like the leather and gold bracelet is perfect for fall. So much easier to accessorize when you're not worried about sweating, swimming and everything else the summer entails. Fall means back to a schedule for most people, and what better to do that with than a great watch. While many people carried the white watch trend on through the summer, I mean hello white does look amazing with a tan, I still like it for the fall. It will look great with navy and all the gold accessories I see myself wearing. And finally, changing seasons means changing scents. While during the summer your scent can be fruity and light, I like to wear a sexy, sultry scent during the fall. Something a little spicy with almost a men's cologne smell to it. My favorites? Burberry Brit and Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb.

Hope everyone else is as excited for fall as I am. Caramel apples, pumpkins, Halloween, the leaves changing, the smell, my birthday... The list goes on and on.