Sunday, September 25, 2011

all hallow's eve

one of my favorite parts of fall has always been halloween. I love everything about it; witches, ghosts, costumes, parties and trick-or-treating. I was totally the kid who stayed as the same character for multiple halloweens. I'm pretty sure my mom made me not one, not two, but three dorothy costumes because she was my favorite. I even brought it back two halloweens ago (not the same costume of course) when I was in Germany visiting my cousin Nilene who, with the help of her friends and boyfriend, hand created costumes for all the characters.

while I like to take the time to carefully select the perfect costume each and every halloween, sometimes (like last year) a costume can slip your mind. blasphemy I know! but it was my 21st birthday and that celebration was deemed more important than halloween since it would happen once in my entire life. during those times, or hey even the random costume party or theme night, being able to throw something together in a pinch can make or break the evening!

that, my dear friends, is where makeup comes quite in handy. with the help of a few eyeshadow colors and some imagination you can instantly transform your look from everyday to someone else entirely.

with a few oceany colors; dark blue/navy, turquoise, sea foam green and pearly white, I was able to create an eye look fit for a mermaid.
add a touch of purple and wing the ends out and you're a peacock in a pinch. hello last years halloween costume!

to create the wave of color going from darkest in the outer corner to lightest on the inner corner the tried and true "smokey eye, apply the darkest shade (dark blue/navy) to the outer corner of your eye in a sideways "V" shape. then take the second darkest color (turquoise) and apply it after the navy, blending the two together slightly over one another. next take the second lightest color (sea foam green) and apply it from where the turquoise ends to just before the inner corner. lastly, take your lightest shade (pearly white) and apply it to the inner corner/tear duct. i like the take the same color and mirror the colors on my lower lash line as well, helping to make your eye appear larger. connect the outer corners together in a soft point, and do the same around your tear duct. don't forget to curl your lashes and add a few coats of mascara to complete the look.

with an eye look as crazy as this, just remember to keep the rest of your makeup pretty simple. clear and glowing skin and a simple lip. the color combinations for this look are endless and so are the different costumes that would be created!


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