Tuesday, May 17, 2011

20 years later- but whatevs.

so i'm sure everyone's gotten their fill of the royal wedding. between pictures of the dress, discussion of the hats or analyzing the length and intensity of the kiss- we've heard it all. but, it still was a part of history, a part that we were all present to, and i believe that it owes my own once over. so without adieu-

the dress- gorgeous. timeless. stunning. the adjectives could just continue. the exact dress i designed for kate in my head. just enough grace kelly, with kate's love of modern clean lines. lace sleeves- perfect for a westminster wedding (hopefully a trend that women will realize not everyone can pull off). designed by the house of mcqueen, of course. showed off her ever shrinking waistline, something i'm actually a little concerned about, with it's nipped in waist and a-line skirt.little bit of her jacob's ladder showing in that v-neck slit. all the stress of planning the wedding had to have gotten to her. honeymooning in a remote location- just what the doctor ordered.

the tiara- perfect pic. small, tasteful, gah! of all the tiaras made available, by kate's new unlimited access to the crowned jewels (oh the perks of being a princess), she chose just the right one. and how fitting to choose lizzie's 18th birthday present; i'm sure granny was pleased.

the jewels- what a perfect present from her parents. incorporating the acorns used on her new royal crest, and paying homage to her home town of buckleberry, they were just the right touch and were perfect for her "something new".

the makeup- i heard rumors circling around the morning of that, kate was doing her own makeup for the event. while i'm not sure whether or not the queen would have allowed this, i did read that kate has taken a few makeup lessons from makeup artist arabella preston. would explain her glowing complexion, bright eyes, fresh face and general gorgeousness- well that, or the fact that she was about to marry her boyfriend of 7 years and become a real life princess. either or.

the kiss- the first one, too short. too rushed. no oomph. i mean come on now, some of us had woken up at 3am in order to watch this wedding take place. the least they could do is give us some passion. it is your wedding for christ's sake. the second one, better. still not what a prince kissing his princess for the first time should have been like. no foot pop. no passion. tisk tisk. but come on, look at them. they are adorablee!

the hats- so much ridiculousness. but honestly, what else was to be expected. the hats just got crazier and crazier as the guests continued to arrive, and i loved every one of them. princess beatrice and her sculptural bow definitely took the cake in the crazy hat department. i love the giant coral flower with it's matching lipstick and black tulle; gah. black tulle pulls everything together.

not sure if this is a viral picture yet, but i saw it and thought it was the cutest. however! don't think i didn't notice careful editor who did these pictures- prince charming had brown hair, not blonde and cinderella wasn't a brunette. beatrice and eugenie play the perfect part as the wicked step-sisters. too cute.
Royal Wedding Cinderella Photos

just incase you hadn't had your fill of the royal wedding and the duke and dutchess of cambridge.

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