Sunday, May 29, 2011

the times they are a changing...

so with my recent graduation from college, and impending entrance into the world of grown-ups, i've decided that it's time for a change. i've had the same hair "style" for as long as i can remember. and mind you, i use the word "style" rather loosely since my hair is more or less just long with one basic length. too many bad haircuts in the past have led me to be afraid of making too drastic of changes. any who, i was getting a pedicure yesterday and flipping through the latest cosmo i saw a picture of camilla belle and basically gasped when i saw her haircut. it was EXACTLY what i've been thinking i wanted my hair to look like. perrrfect!

i have very, very thick and long hair with a crazy texture that decides on it's own what it wants to do. sometimes it's wavy, sometimes it's curly and other times it's relatively straight. camilla is one of my favorite fashion icons, her sense of style is always put together, but up with trends and she isn't afraid to try new and daring things. also her eyebrows are to die for, and if you haven't noticed i am fully in support of the full eyebrow trend. but her hair also seems to have that same ADD thing going on, sometimes crimpy curly, but polished when it's blown out straight. while the kate middleton is the haircut that i've had my eye on lately, i think camilla's is still close, but a little fuller and sexier. just the look i'm going for. so what do you think- hair do or hair don't?


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