Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MIA- and no, not the singer

woopsie daisy!
seems that almost an entire month has gone by since i've written a blog post. shame shame, but i guess that's what the end of your senior year will do to you. between regular school work, filling out all the paperwork to graduate, not missing an deadlines for commencement, juggling my two jobs and having a social life- it's been rough. and while i'm not looking forward to being done with school and leaving college (all year i've forbidden the subject to be brought up in front of me and now it just makes me want to cry...), losing the added stress of classes and school work will give me some relief.

but onto happier things! i've been taking pictures and making mental notes of different blog posts that i want to write about, but with everything going on, i just haven't had the time. so here's the quick and dirty of the things i've been wanting to blog about.

impromptu picnics with the roommate.
nice days just make me want to sit outside on the grass and people watch. add some of the best buffalo chicken pizza ever and we've got ourselves a good day.

if you're ever in boston, you have to check out Ernesto's Pizza on Salem St. in the North End!
bomb slices- just let em know i sent ya ;)

french fries from Saus! they're located right next to a major bar area in boston and are open until 2am. perrrrfect for when you're leaving the bar and need something to much on. these things are literally god's gift to earth. sadly, we ate all of them before i got home and couldn't take a picture, so i decided a potato would have to suffice. baha!

my apartment's newest painting. hanging perfectly above my stove in the kitchen. it was my graduation present from my roommate and i am absolutely obsessed with it. see all the abstract sea creatures in the coral? and mermaids, jellyfish and bubbles are my favs.

 loving where i live. boston is absolutely gorgeous this time of the year. sunny skies, a couple clouds and beautiful scenery to look at. sometimes when i'm in a rush; heading to work, running late to class or in a hurry to get where ever i'm going, i forget just how much i love living here. i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world <3
gee thanks man in the red sweater for ruining my perfect shot.

so hopefully all those different topics will make up for the fact that i haven't had any time for updates. expect a blog post tomorrow dishing on one of my favorite subjects. it justtt might have something to do with princesses. any ideas?


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