Tuesday, May 24, 2011

paper snob

so working in a paper store has made me a bit of a paper snob- i'll admit it. and while most people can't tell the difference between letterpress and thermography, or a good quality piece of stationary from computer paper, i certainly can. my love of all things paper has led me to make many a purchases with my not too shabby discount. cases in point-

perfect thank you cards. just girly/sweet enough. my favorite.

i keep one in my planner, one in my purse and one in my bed side table. always ready to jot down anything i need. and aren't the colors just the cutest.

cutest packaging (i'm such a sucker for packaging!). notes for all different occasions- thank you, hello, get well soon, thinking of you. and they have the cutest messages on the front. unexpected, but oh so perfect.

i've developed a bit of a kate spade obsession. not only do i love her clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories and home items (wow!) , her paper products and stationary are slowly taking over my life. through her twitter i found out that her entire stationary set was available on her website. at my store, we only carry certain products, and the ones that i've truly been drolling over have never come in. now! they're all available online and you better believe i'll be scooping up some more little cuties.


hello- love.
these are my favorite! pink, bows, stripes, gold- how could you not love them!?

everyone loves getting something besides bills, junk and annoying stuff in the mail. these notes are the perfect pink donut to brighten up someone's day :)


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