Friday, March 11, 2011

ain't nothin' but a spring break babay

let's all come together and have a huge sigh of relief.
feel better? good :)

after what seemed like the longest week in history (isn't the week before spring break ALWAYS like that?!), it's finally friday, which means it's finally spring break!
instead of jet setting off to europe like i should be doing; instead i'm still in boston, sitting in my apartment trying not to feel gloomy even with all this rain.
thanks  WeHeartIt
what i should be doing is riding vespas around greece, galavanting with gorgeous dark haired men named nikolas and swimming in blue lagoons. damn that whole money not growing on tree things!

now while i won't be having amazing adventures abroad, there are some fun things around new england that i'll be experiencing. here are a couple peaks ;)

little bit "the shining", but hello lover <3


nice days aren't complete without a stroll down newbury


hope you all enjoy your break (if you're on spring break) and if not, enjoy your week anyway :)

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