Wednesday, March 30, 2011

if by some chance you don't happen to know who these ridiculously happy people are, you must have been living under a rock recently. 
total side note, but that geiko or allstate commercial about living under a rock- hysterical!
any whoo- the royal wedding. you can say i'm a bit obsessed... my boss is just as in love with them as i am, and we spend a large majority of the day discussing the dress, the location, the royal family and of course william and kate. we got the "biography" about them last week and i immediately read the entire thing. what a scandalous royal family england has!

but besides being an almost princess and the future queen of england, kate middleton is gorgeous. she has a timeless and classic sense of style that leaves me wanting to run out and buy anything that i see her wearing. she always looks beautiful and polished and never has 'bitch' face. good job william- even though it took you 11 years to finally put a ring on it, job well done.


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