Wednesday, March 9, 2011

oh em fiji

so i would consider myself pretty well versed in popular nail colors. some may say that my love of nail polish borders on obsessive... but i like to think of it as collecting. and come on, every girl needs various shades of all the colors in the rainbow ;)

 i can spot Chanel Blue Satin, OPI You Don't Know Jaqcue, I'm Not Really a Waitress and Bubble Bath and Essie Ballet Slippers from a mile away. but i was introduced to a new gem just the other day by the lovely Michele (Michele1218 on Youtube). in her most recent video she was wearing the most perfect pale, nude pink and instantly fell in love. As much as i love crazy (mint candy apple is my all time favorite!) and dark colors, sometimes a so-light-it's-almost-white pink is just right. so, without further adieu, my new pale pink VIP...

please excuse the fat, baby hands. they're kind of ridiculous.

i cannot say enough good things about this nail polish! After watching the video, and falling in love with the color!, i want to two CVS's that carry essie nail polish and 2 nail salons and none of them had fiji. now this may sound kind of crazy, but once i want to paint my nails, i have to paint them. it's like sometime comes over me and i have to paint them- and this was definitely one of those times. 20 minutes, $15 and an amazing back massage later, my nails were pretty, painted and perfect.

if your looking for a light nail polish color that would be appropriote for work, or (ugh!) the transition from college to career, this color will totallly fit the bill. while sometimes pale colors can be tough to work with; forcing you to put on a million coats before it looks decent, this color took 2 coats and you were good to go. 

well i'm going to go stare some more at my finger nails and stress about my lack of career aspects.
xx Marissa 


  1. girl, cute blog! and I wish I had your awesome nail polish collection. Thanks for following me:)


  2. aw thank you! your blog is ADORABLE! :)