Monday, March 28, 2011

happy things

just some random things that have made me happy over the past few days :)

-finding my marc jacobs necklace- two of my best friends have the same one and i thought that i lost it. but luckily i found it in the pocket of one of my hoodies. yay!
-having a perfect curls hair day. my hair pretty much has ADD and does whatever it wants to do depending on the day. i happened to shower and end up with perfect banana curls. boo yaa

-geek out moments. sometimes you just need to laugh uncontrollably, even if it means making a lovely face like this one.

-my yearly girls weekend. my mom (right) and her best friend (left) have been best friends since they were kids. her daughter has been my best friend since before she was born and every year the four of us go away for the weekend to a resort from our childhood. 

-my roommate nikki FINALLY wearing that hat. we bought it in september (i think) and she's never worn it due to lack of outfit inspiration. the other night we went out and she was wearing the outfit (without the hat) and i realized that it was the perfect outfit to wear it with. it was quite a hit while we were out

-impromptu photo shoots. i always carry my camera with me, but i hate taking it out and feeling like a tourist in my own city. but normally there are certain times that i'll forgo feeling stupid and snap some pics. boston is an amazing city for photography. the mix of old vs. new (big modern buildings mixed with some of the oldest buildings in the country- hello!) is one of my favorite things.


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